StandUp2Corona is focused on helping Professional Comics with cash donations during the Corona disruption.

As such, it is not for break-out, semi-pro, amature enthusiast comics. If you are not a professional working comic please do not apply. We do check status, and don't want to hurt your feelings when we say 'no'. 


An Audition Video is Required - Please follow the instructions - we will check

Step 1. Make Audition video

Step 2. Come back and Register

Audition Video REQUIREMENTS:

Make a short video of your set. You will need a link (like this )

a.      Intro: Hi I'm NAME, [bio info – people like to know about the human side of who people are] Thanks for supporting StandUp2Corona!

b.      Material instructions:
i.      First Joke needs to be context supportive. Toilet paper, quarantine, kids in the house, video conferences, etc
ii.     Middle section can be regular clean material but adjust the set-ups for the universal 'work at home' situation e.g. "one thing I've learned from being alone for so long..."
iii.    Last joke also needs to be context supportive

c.      Outro: IMPORTANT – Thanks for supporting Standup2corona. If you liked what you heard please tell you friends to go to Standup2corona.ORG and get their own comic!

Note: I will be checking if you can follow these simple instructions....
You'd be surprised...then again, maybe not.

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