StandUp2Corona supports Feeding America

100,000 Meals Donated

as of November 20th!

The StandUp2Corona


  • At the agreed time, Comedian will join your Video Chat and introduce themselves

  • They will do 3-15 min set of - Clean, Safe for Work - jokes about the current situation.
    Things like, work from home, video conferencing, toilet paper hoarding, etc. 

  • When they finish they might answer a question, but in general they will log-out. 

  • A night "at" the comedy club. 3 comics back-to-back (~20-30 min. tot)

    269 US dollars
  • The complete experience: - House Band musician(s) - MC - 3 Comics

    749 US dollars
  • 2 comics each doing a set. Includes a donation to Feeding America

    199 US dollars
  • Includes a donation to Feeding America COVID-19 Response Fund

    129 US dollars

Book your own Happy Hour (incl donation)

Want to give even more?

Our stand-ups can no longer tour and are doing virtual shows at accessible rates to support communities impacted across the country and their own families. If you're able to support either the comics directly or want to donate more to food banks, please use our associated fundraisers


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